October 31, 2012 Posted by teamtyranny in Heart of Fear, Normal Modes, Progression, Tier 14

Heart of Fear First Date: We got to second base.

You see that? That's a hurricane a third the size of North A-Fuckin'-Merica. And it didn't stop us from storming our way into Heart of Fear.

Tuesday 2pm, the most pressing concern was if Comcast, Time Warner and other assorted Eastern Seaboard ISPs were going to unfuck what Mother Nature royally fucked. And much to our surprise, they delivered, and tyranny did what it does best: kill raid bosses. First up was Imperial Vizier Zor'lok. We killed this mook on Beta. We also two shot him on live with a healer locked out by accident. To be honest, throwing lots of decade old AOL CDs at us wasn't the deadliest ability. I'm sure I'm gonna regret that comment on Heroic though.

Soon after that we hit up Blade Lord Tayak. We went into this fight with a lot of ideas from Beta about how to do him, considering we tested him on Normal once, LFR once, and called off a beta test raid (due to them canceling it) like four or five times. It was a rare case where the first probing pull turns itself into a kill because everyone knew what to do. But the biggest suprise of the night? Phase 2 hurt. A lot. It looked like outside my house. No Really. Beta they were kidding around. This? Ouch. But hey. One shot and US 7th. That's how Team Tyranny rolls.