Go Fuck Yourself, Blizzard.

It took a week to build 3 new rogues up, but we jumped the game's latest stupid stunt. 6/8M.

Gear the rogues is a meme in Tyranny, because we had to do it for Mythic Fallen Avatar and KJ, and ended up not really needing them. It pissed everyone off, for a number of reasons. We swore never again.

And then Blizzard fucking does this.

Great job everybody enduring this "boss fight". I use that word liberally because I feel more like we're doing an achievement than a Mythic Boss. Great job to Rahz and Sith for quickly leveling rogue alts, and special thanks to Vlade for coming back for one boss fight, 5 years after retiring, and for being the only rogue ready on the entire roster. Great damage from our always stupendous rogues (Renn, Bird, Vahyair) and OP mageness from Bard. Great job everybody who had to sit out for 1 retired raider and 2 alts because Blizzard really tests things. We only had to delay prog a week to magically find some rogues alts, but whatever.

We were concerned from PTR this was going to be the next Mythic Mistress from ToS. It was something far more trolly. The guy who designed this joke needs to be thrown off a bridge.

Cya next Tier, where it'll be Gear the Rogues Part VIII!

Probably the worst fight in the past 5 years. Not joking.

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