August 28, 2016 Posted by teamtyranny in Legion

We Are Legion

We're ready to save the world!

WoD was a long road (and good riddance), but after dozens of Archimonde and Blackhand kills, a long year of farming and sales and building up, Tyranny is ready to raid in World of Warcraft: Legion, our sixth expansion and 17th tier as a guild. We've tested a lot on Beta, recruited quality, hard working people, and we're extremely excited about what's ahead. We have the people. We have the plan. We got the mindset. Let's go kill things!

TYRANNY 2017 is....

Arij - Warrior
Gweek- Prot Pally

Tulani - Disc Priest
Thaleous - Holy Priest
Deychi - MW Monk
Chibinim - Resto Druid
Captdeadman - Holy Pally

Ranged DPS
Jagabomb- Warlock
Strafe (Skroesec)- Hunter
Krauth - Hunter
Dwarfchubs - Hunter
Greg - Hunter
Hugs - Shadow Priest
Aznol - Mage
Erie - Mage
Ahrithaumwvr - Mage
Pimpwoo - Ele Shaman
Thanada - Boomkin Druid

Melee DPS
Synsei -WW/BM Monk
Juls - Feral Druid
Snooze - Warrior
Neatpete - Rogue
Ryure- Demon Hunter
Erolana - Death Knight
Drymartini- Enh Shaman
Kirae - Ret Paladin
Killertoast- Ret Paladin

It's the culmination of the story from when Tyranny was founded in TBC. Let's make it a special expansion!

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