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Mythic Modes

August 15, 20193 years ago

Mythic Queen's Court is out of session.

We killed the Metroid boss too, but forgot to take a picture.>.> Read more
July 25, 20193 years ago

Mythic Lady Ashvane

Big booty bitch goes down hard! Read more
July 16, 20193 years ago

Mythic Radiance of Azshara down!

We 19 manned it. Remember to summon everyone before you pull! Read more
July 16, 20193 years ago

Mythic Abyssal Commander dead

Azshara's Eternal Palace begins! Read more
June 13, 20193 years ago

Mythic Restless Cabal... We did it. And we probably shouldn't have.

Yikes. That was some afair. US 53, which is great, but let's just say doing this was probably a mistake. Read more
April 1, 20194 years ago

Mythic Jaina Defeated, US 66th!

Battle of Dazar'alor clear! 9/9M! Another Top 100 finish to our belt! Read more