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Frequently Asked Questions

What are your raid times? Are they different during progression and farm?

During progression we raid 8pm EST - 11:59pm EST on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. This is a total of 3 days / 12 hours.
During farm content our schedule is much more relaxed, typically 1-2 days (depending on the content) to clear. We also run optional alt raids during the weekends.

Do you do split runs? Do you require alts?

No we do not.

What are Tyranny's progression goals?

We aim to finish in the Top 100 on WoW Progress or better among Mythic 20 man guilds. We want to keep our per-boss attempt count at a minimum (we carefully monitory and track this) and proceed through a given tier without hitting walls, making strategic mistakes, or errors. We seek to use these encounters and the process of working through them to push the guild to the next level.

What is the trial phase like?

The Trial phase in Tyranny lasts for 4 weeks (12 raid nights during progression). During the recruitment phase you will be responsible for providing your own raiding mats (pots) and enchanting mats/gems. After 2 weeks you will be given a performance review in a talk with an officer. At the end of the 4th week you will either be promoted or cut depending on the impression you make upon the guild.

Remember, a recruit is someone we HOPE will be a strong contributor to the guild and someone worth making member. You have to work for it. The guild will be firm, but also fair. If you earn our trust, then Tyranny will be a good home to you for a very long time.

Do you recruit a bench?

Recruits fill a very specific need in the guild... we do not recruit "bench" players. There is no "primary raiding spots" to be had in this guild. Everyone is of equal value. As such, recruits are often thrown deep into the thick of our latest progression, and will be expected to adapt quickly. They will be expected to be on top of our strategies.

What is the application process?

Upon submission, the application is emailed to the officers. Shortly after, an officer will post the app in the Current Applications sub-forums. (this will not happen instantly: it is not an automated system)

The app will be reviewed by members who will offer feedback and you will have a chance to reply to their feedback. These apps are only viewable to members of the website to protect your privacy. Tyranny members have instructions to be informative and respectful. Apps are only viewable to the private applicant and recruiters.

Within 2 days, your app will either be declined or offered an interview via a post at the bottom of it by Strafe or another officer. You may also receive an email and in-game tells to facilitate the process. The interview will be with you and our officers and other members of the guild with knowledge of your role and class. This will happen on Tyranny's Discord and you will receive a forum PM with the information to join it. Interviews typically last about 45-60 minutes. If you are extended a trial, we expect you to transfer right away, so be sure to come to the interview ready to go.

I just submitted an app but I don't see it posted in a thread. Where is it?

The application page emails the officers the app to a private email account. It does not automatically post a thread for review. That is done manually by the officers (copy and paste). If you don't see a thread for your app, check back in a couple of hours. An officer is probably at work / school / raid and will post it as soon as they're free.

I've made a mistake in my app. Can I correct it?

Yes of course! We encourage you do it as a reply in the app's thread, rather than resubmitting an app, unless you submitted it by accident and incomplete the first time.

I've been invited to an interview. What's the Discord info?

We'll message it to you on

I noticed that a member in the guild asked me a series of questions. Should I respond?

Absolutely. We expect it in fact. An app that does not answer questions to us looks disinterested. Expect to be challenged and provide good answers. It only helps your case. Terribly written apps have been redeemed by REALLY good Q&A with members.

How is Loot Distributed?

We utilize a Loot Council system. The guild loot councilors are the officers.
Tyranny's loot council is designed to be pragmatic and speed progression by funneling gear towards classes and players who will offer the highest net benefit to the raid on the next progression fight. The guild leadership views loot not as a reward, but as a tool to move the guild forward in ranking and achievement. Loot council allows us to make best use of the tool.

We use RC Loot Council to handle it.

Do you recruit people under 18?

No. We are an 18+ only guild, and the vast majority of the guild is 22-35.