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Tyranny is recruiting all exceptional players for progression in World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth. We are a 14 year-old, 3 day a week premier raiding guild for mature-minded players who want to raid at the highest level but desire a schedule that allows the balance of WoW with non-game commitments.

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      Forums are now in archive mode   09/11/20

      The Tyranny Forums have shifted to read-only.  No new accounts or posts can be created. We now do our communication on Discord.   If you are a retired raider or friend and need access to our Discord server, send a BNet friend request to strife#1977 or email skroesec@live.com and we'll get you access.    
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Tyranny's Kill Videos

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29 minutes ago, Niktheshaman said:

i streamed it but i dont know how to do anything with the vod lol

If it was through Twitch you should be emailed a link in order to edit your vod and create highlights. Check your email and look for one titled with the name of the broadcast.

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