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Tyranny is recruiting all exceptional players for progression of Mythic Uldir. We are a seven-year-old, 4-day-a-week premier raiding guild for mature-minded players who want to raid at the highest level but desire a schedule that allows the balance of WoW with non-game commitments.


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  1. Juls's hidden past

    But whyyyy
  2. Juls's hidden past

  3. Juls's hidden past

    U all suck
  4. Happy birthday Eric!

  5. Argus Screenie

    It would take a lot more time to remove the names on this one, due to the background, so here it is with the player names left on
  6. THE Tyranny shitpost

    why are u posting this everywhere!! lol
  7. Argus Screenie

    Im working on the screenie taken outside the raid as well.
  8. Tyranny's Kill Videos

    yea im not sure whats causing the dropped frames
  9. Tyranny's Kill Videos

    I'll redo the above for our Argus/Antorus screenshots
  10. Optimum Internet Issue

    .......... i think u might be better off tethering ur phone if u have unlimited plan lol wow
  11. Optimum Internet Issue

    i just feel like i'll never really notice the difference between 60/10 and 100/30, im not running a company from my home
  12. Optimum Internet Issue

    I was gonna post this on the shoutbox, but it was kinda long and didnt wanna spam, so anywho: So today i found out my ISP Optimum was billing me the same internet ive always had but had somehow reduced me internet speeds from 60down 10up to 20down 5up after the promotional period was over due to an accounting error. So even though my internet price increased due to promotion ending, my internet speeds were lowered? makes no sense. Anywho, due to the error they are now giving me 100down 30 up at no extra cost... still, i feel i let them off easy for the mistake they made, considering ive been getting slower internet than what ive been paying for since mid October 2017...