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Tyranny is recruiting all exceptional players for progression in World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth. We are a 14 year-old, 3 day a week premier raiding guild for mature-minded players who want to raid at the highest level but desire a schedule that allows the balance of WoW with non-game commitments.

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      The Tyranny Forums have shifted to read-only.  No new accounts or posts can be created. We now do our communication on Discord.   If you are a retired raider or friend and need access to our Discord server, send a BNet friend request to strife#1977 or email skroesec@live.com and we'll get you access.    
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A World Saved... A Mission Successful... A Name Redeemed!




8/8 Heroic and US#37. Let's take a second to look at that. After an absolutely stunning two months, where 8 demanding and technical fights as have ever been put in the game were killed at higher ranks in less time than ever before... where the guild faced the challenges of the holidays and new work schedules, ongoing recruitment, comp issues on fights like Spine... where the guild raided extra hours, extra days and raid extended without complaint or worry... now here we are at the end of our labors... Deathwing is dead and Cataclysm is over. The fight was surprisingly fun (compared to Normal) with a very fun and fast paced last leg. It took some solid problem solving for 4th Platform and Phase 2, but in true Tyranny fashion, the last attempt of the night, Madness of Deathwing is no more... right at 11:59. It was the perfect way to win the fight, the expansion and our amazing rebuilding story. Congratulations to Asked and Komma on their mounts and Pizzo, Asked, Eref, Foolish, Meks, Shogun on their server first madness weaponry.


For the past 11 months the assembled members of this guild, past and present have lived the most remarkable of comeback stories, a story that belongs to them. You see just over a year ago, after six months of farming Heroic Lich King, planning for Cataclysm and getting a strong start to the expac, Tyranny fractured for terrible reasons and we decided then, that it was the end. After that I got sick, we formed a bunch of casual 10 mans and some people raided elsewhere. In March Pizzo, Danaros and myself took our 10 mans, merged them into a brand new  Tyranny and started from scratch, with nothing. No planed comp, tons of tanks, just people and an idea to do this and do it right. Three months later all of Tier 11, including Sinestra was cleared... quite late but cleared... as we planned for whats next. Then Firelands came out From July to October we pushed fiercly through that - through some incredibly demanding fights like Baelroc and Beth'tilac pre-nerf, and finally Ragnaros US #75. We were back to where we were historically, with Lich King, Yogg+0 and KJ before that.


But it wasn't enough. A year ago we went into this expansion with a goal: do better than we ever have. And a year later because of the efforts of every single person with a Tyranny tag active and recently retired, we were consistently more accomplished than ever before and finished at a rank that at one point, we once could only dream about. We did it because we worked hard. We did it because everyone put the team first.


No matter what our people find themselves doing in Mists of Pandaria, or years from now when Titan is out, everyone in Tyranny, today, who raided, who helped, offered advice, who cheered us on, participated in something extraordinary and truly rare. Tyranny is not one of the guilds that the raiding changes in Cataclysm killed. Tyranny is the guild that fought back from absolutely nothing - puggers from trade chat  and friends and people who found us in the WoW forums and thought that we'd be a good place to call home. Tyranny is the guild that finished Cataclysm with unprecedented life in it.  Tyranny finished US #37. No guild in the world worked harder for what they accomplished in World of Warcraft: Cataclysm, than Tyranny.


To all who raided with us in Tier 11, Firelands and Dragon Soul, and is in good standing, thank you for your trust, your patience and your faith that there is something special about Tyranny that made it worth achieving  this come back that few MMO Raiders will ever so completely understand what we had to do, to do this. To me, that's worth a hundred thousand Deathwing mounts. We did something this tier and this past year that I hope you'll tell people about years from now as something you were a part of.


Alas, we still have much to do... more legendaries, lots of movies to publish, mounts to get.... and months and months to prepare for our next act.... improving on this foundation for World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria!




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