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Tyranny is recruiting all exceptional players for progression in World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth. We are a 14 year-old, 3 day a week premier raiding guild for mature-minded players who want to raid at the highest level but desire a schedule that allows the balance of WoW with non-game commitments.

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      The Tyranny Forums have shifted to read-only.  No new accounts or posts can be created. We now do our communication on Discord.   If you are a retired raider or friend and need access to our Discord server, send a BNet friend request to strife#1977 or email skroesec@live.com and we'll get you access.    
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6/8 Heroic, thanks to the Picard Maneuver





Captain's Log, Stardate 20121.12.

An unidentified distress signal has led the Starship Tyranny to the discovery of a strange flying boat filled with what we thought were hostile Romulans orbiting Galorndon Core, a Federation planet. Unfortunately we later discovered they were not Romulans, but a Vulcan away team, but only after the unfortunate slaying of their Klingon mission commander. The Captain of the Federation vessel that dispatched the away team was understandably displeased with the untimely demise of one of his senior officers.


Captains Log, supplemental.

After consultations with Horde Fleet Command, we have confirmed that our actions on Galordon Core and the slaying of Lieutenant Commander Worf brought us to 6/8 Heroic and US#34. Romulan Ale is being distributed in Ten Foward as a celebratory gesture to the crew.

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