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Tyranny is recruiting all exceptional players for progression in World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth. We are a 14 year-old, 3 day a week premier raiding guild for mature-minded players who want to raid at the highest level but desire a schedule that allows the balance of WoW with non-game commitments.

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Tuesday: killed Rag. Wednesday: Guild Transfered, killed rag. True F'n Story.




Tyranny just did perhaps the greatest thing it has ever done... it killed the Hardest Boss the game has to offer (maybe ever) in a single night, on two CONSECUTIVE nights, in the same raid week with a guild-wide server transfer sandwiched between raid nights. Don't believe us? Look at this and check our world of logs (link on the tab at top). Kills number 3 and 4 in the bag.




So Tyranny has landed on Shattered Hand. On Tuesday we had our "Last Raid on Drak'tharon" and made ourselves proud by killing Ragnaros 25 Heroic (3rd kill) for the first time ever in one night (6 attempts). 18 hours later we moved the guild as we have planned for several week, and much to our surprise, our raid ID reset, so we got ALL of our raiders over to Shattered Hand in a few hours, started raid 90 minutes later than our typical start time, and then managed to kill Rag yet again, in just 4 attempts. Tuesday Rag Dies, Wednesday Rag dies. That's how we roll.


And if only that was the end of it... but oh wait they're more! Bass (formerly Bassmaster) finally completed his long time coming Legendary Staff on that kill as well! Congratulations man!




This fight does not fool around, and to do it in a handful of attempts on successive nights with a very complex (and expensive... all of our members and many retired members came with us) server transfer in between is a testament to the inner resilience and commitment of our entire guild.


So Why did we do this? A few weeks before we killed Heroic Ragnaros, we decided it was time for Tyranny find a new server to call home. It wasn't an issue of numbers or recruit. It was of neighborhood. 18 months ago we moved from Lothar to Drak'tharon, and the server was a fantastic move for a long time, but the stress of Heroic LK and then Tier 11 wiped out much of the raiding community on the server. It wasn't a fun place anymore, so we up and moved to a much more vibrant (and vastly lower ping... 288ms to 40ms for fucks sake) home.


Tyranny will be on Shattered Hand from now on, well into the future, but everything we do from this day to the day we aren't started with a truly incredible and memorable transition. Well done, every single member of Tyranny.


Also very important to note: we're very interested in seeing what Shattered Hand (and other Server) off and enriching our guild with really clutch players who want to raid 4 days a week at a high  level. So we're opening recruitment for every class, every role, with special interest in people who have the Legendary Staff. So apply today, and join a guild that can do the above, because how many guilds can really claim they've ever just been through what Tyranny has since Tuesday?

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